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West Termite, Pest & Lawn Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Termite & Pest Control Services

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West Termite, Pest & Lawn services Pulaski County and Saline County, offers pest control services in Little Rock, Benton, North Little Rock, and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned business, paired with certified technicians who have been with us for years, makes us experts with the best tips and tricks to keep your home and property pest free.

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Pest Control in Little Rock, AR

Living somewhere as beautiful as Arkansas has many benefits – for example, crisper air and a pleasant landscape. But the natural beauty also means a greater likelihood for pests due to the proximity to nature. Your Little Rock home should be a place of rest and relaxation – not a battleground where you fight off pests and worry about an infestation. We know that dealing with uninvited pests is more than inconvenient – it also poses serious health and safety concerns for your family. That’s why West Termite offers a variety of services, so we can address all of your pest issues and lawn care needs in one call.

We offer emergency one-time treatments for the odd mouse or out-of-control infestation. But we also offer monthly or quarterly treatments to help keep pests out of your house year-round. West Termite’s pest control, termite, mosquito, rodent and lawn care experts in Little Rock are highly trained professionals. We require them to be up to date on the latest in pest control best practices, techniques, and technologies. We also background and drug test all of our technicians for your safety and peace of mind.

Roach Clean Outs in Little Rock, AR

Roaches are most people’s least favorite insect invasion – something about the way they skitter across the bathroom or kitchen floor just makes our skin crawl! And despite the common opinion that roaches are a sign of poor housekeeping, roach infestations occur everywhere. It doesn’t matter how sparkling clean your kitchen or how spotless your floors are – these creepy-crawlies are drawn to unavoidably moist places like the damp bath mat or under the sink.

West Termite can help rid your home from roaches with the help of our expert technicians.

roach control in little rock

Bed Bug Services in Little Rock, AR

Bed bugs are without a doubt the most difficult infestation to eradicate. Their size makes them almost invisible to the unaided eye! If you wake up itchy or covered in small, red bites, contact West Termite Little Rock immediately. Our technicians use the latest combination of liquid and heat bed bug treatments. And the sooner the better – bed bugs can travel and once they hitch a ride to other parts of your home (your closet, couch, rug, or linen closet) you’ll have a much harder time being rid of them.

bed bug control in little rock

Rodent Control in Little Rock, AR

Rodents aren’t just a nuisance, they also carry diseases, contaminate food and nibble through electrical systems. They host ticks, fleas, and parasites – all of which could lead to a secondary infestation of your home. If you see a mouse or a rat in your home or notice droppings, contact West Termite immediately. We can do a one-time extermination or, if the situation warrants it, develop a long-term rodent control plan for your Little Rock property.

rodent control in little rock

Spider Control in Little Rock, AR

While almost all spiders are harmless to humans, we know that doesn’t mean you want to welcome them into your home. Spiders are likely to be found in the dusty and forgotten corners of your house where they can quietly munch on passing flies and gnats. They can live for months without food or water, and they can squeeze into the smallest cracks to hide – all of which makes them difficult to kill. 

If you have a spider problem – especially if you suspect a black widow or brown recluse – contact West Termite Pest & Lawn Care for an estimate on a spider control plan that works for you and your budget.

spider control in little rock

Flea Control in Little Rock, AR

If you’ve ever owned a pet, the mere mention of fleas can make you shudder. They are infuriatingly difficult to eradicate and the longer they linger, the itchier you get! They must be killed in cycles – the adults followed by the larvae and eggs – or the next generation will hatch and begin the infestation anew. 

And fleas aren’t merely inconvenient – they also carry tapeworms and spread other diseases to humans and pets alike through their bites.  

In Little Rock, the best offense against fleas is a good defense. It will be so much easier, in the long run, to prevent fleas in the first place than to deal with exterminating an infestation. Keep cost – and itching! – down by calling West Termite Little Rock. We’ll send a flea control technician straight to your home.

flea control in little rock

Termite Control in Little Rock, AR

Termites. Is there any word quite like this one to strike fear into the heart of a homeowner? They are known for silently causing thousands of dollars worth of damage before you even know they’ve moved in. These wood-munchers like to stay hidden in the walls or underground. West Termite Pest & Lawn Care offers treatments to cover your home – whether new construction or an older home. 

In Little Rock, you are required to have an annual inspection. Choosing an experienced and specialized company like West Termite can mean the difference between early detection and total disaster. 

We take our jobs seriously which is why the termite damage protection plan we offer is among the best in the industry. Our technicians perform thorough annual (or quarterly, depending on your system) inspections to identify problems before they cost you money and damage your home.

termite control in little rock
mosquito control in little rock

Mosquito Control in Little Rock, AR

Mosquitos are a serious problem in Little Rock – especially if you live near water. Worse than being obnoxious, they can carry diseases like Zika, West Nile or Yellow Fever. One of our trained technicians would love to make a thorough examination of your property to locate mosquito breeding sites and help you develop an appropriate mosquito control plan.

lawn care in little rock

Lawn Care in Little Rock, AR

Are weeds, dead spots, and insect filled plants blighting your enjoyment of your lawn? West Termite Pest & Lawn can help! Years of experience have taught us that a holistic approach works best – no matter what the size, shape, or condition of your lawn might be. 

Step one is a weed control and fertilization program to help your yard grow thick and lush. And, in return, a lush, thick lawn is one of the best defenses against pests! Don’t you love a good reciprocal, sustainable system? This is what we get up for in the morning!

preventative lawn care in little rock

Pre-Emergent Lawn Care in Little Rock, AR

Pre-emergent lawn care in Little Rock is a simple philosophy – if you prevent problems before they start, you can save yourself time, money, and peace of mind. When you lay the correct foundation with monthly or quarterly treatments, you keep the pest population low, which then keeps your lawn healthy and helps it flourish.

weed removal in little rock

Weed Control and Fertilization in Little Rock, AR

West Termite Little Rock offers custom weed control and fertilization programs tailored to fit your budget and your lawn’s needs. The 7 step program is our most popular. It offers consistent, season-long weed control and fertilization. We also have an 8 step program – this is the 7 step program plus soil conditioner. We can also discuss custom plans with as little as 4 treatments per year. Contact us for a free assessment.

Services We Offer

Our services include prevention because we know it’s best to stop pest problems before they start. We offer remediation and prevention for bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, rodents, and other pests. Our lawn care services in the Little Rock area provide tried-and-true weed control, weed prevention, and lawn fertilization processes. We also do weed control in rock yards and landscaped areas.