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Pest Control

Home is where your kids play, it’s where you relax, it’s where your family eats dinner, and you shouldn’t have to share it with pests. 

Take back your home and yard with Integrated Pest Management. The staff at West Termite, Pest & Lawn are trained to locate and identify pests that invade our living and working environments. Spiders, termites, bed bugs, mice, fleas and ticks… we know how to identify them, and we know how to help control all of them. We offer treatment plans for one-time, monthly and quarterly services to fit your needs and budget. Along with general indoor treatments, West Termite also offers pest treatment outside of your home. We are proud that our pest control plans include prevention, so you can stop pest problems before they start. 
We offer treatment of bed bugs, termites, roaches, fleas, brown recluse, and other spiders, rodents and insects. Talk with our technicians today to schedule a free inspection.
All of our technicians receive continuous training to ensure the highest quality of work. Techs are also background and drug tested to provide safety and peace of mind for our customers.


Pest Control Insulation

West Termite offers pest control insulation so your home can have the strongest guard against common household pests. InCide® Pest Control Insulation is the best insulation material that not only protects your home against pests but contributes to energy efficiency and decreases utility costs. Our pest control insulation product is placed in attics where pests penetrate and live. The insulation contains a pesticide, so pests are controlled when they come in contact with the insulation. Inside pest control insulation is a long-term solution against pests and provides many other benefits to your home. Contact us to learn more!