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Lawn Care

Are you proud of your lawn, or is it a constant disappointment?

If dead spots, weeds, and insect-filled plants rule the yard, let our lawn care experts help. West Termite, Pest & Lawn services lawns of all sizes and conditions. Through our years of experience, we have found the best way to grow a lush lawn begins with weed control and fertilization program. A thick, growing lawn is the best weed control, and being on proactive weed control and fertilizer plan is the best way to get a thick and healthy lawn. Weed control treatments are most effective during the dormant season when your lawn and landscape are most susceptible to weeds taking root.

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Landscaping and lawns become infested with pests as they seek refuge from the heat during the summer months. If left untreated, by the fall, these critters will build a shelter to survive the winter, and come next spring they will propagate. Without a good treatment plan, your lawn and landscape can become overrun with weeds and unwanted grasses. If left untreated, it can be costly to cultivate a healthy lawn and landscape. West Termite offers pest control, including fleas, ticks, fire ants, gophers, and moles.

Our lawn and landscape programs provide your lawn nutrients and weed control to keep it looking its best. Many of our programs also include free service calls and if any problems crop up between scheduled treatments, we will provide additional services at no cost to you. Plus, West Termite, Pest & Lawn uses treatment methods that are safe for your children and pets. Talk with our lawn treatment experts today to schedule a free inspection.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the know-how to help keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful. Our technicians have ongoing training to ensure you receive the best service in the business. All of our technicians receive continuous training to ensure the highest quality of work. Techs are also background and drug tested to provide safety and peace of mind for our customers.


What We Offer

Weed Control & Fertilization

We offer a variety of programs to fit your weed control and fertilization needs.

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Tree & Shrub

There are hundreds of insects and diseases that can attack your valuable landscaping.  Our tree and shrub program protects them from this, plus supplies them with proper fertilization.

Lawn Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and Ticks can be a problem to control with pets. Ticks can also cause health problems with several tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease. This treatment also controls many other insects, such as spiders, chiggers, etc.

Core Aeration

Over time poor soil naturally becomes compacted, leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. This process removes 3/4 inch round & 2-4inch deep plugs in the soil, improving the air, water, and nutrient exchange with the roots.

Mosquito Control

Don’t let Mosquitos keep you from enjoying the outdoors!

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Fescue Seeding

Fescue grass normally performs better in partial shade areas. Overseeding in fall is needed to maintain a thick & healthy turf. Fescue can thin out or even die due to heat stress or disease problems.

Grub Control

White grubs are the larval stage of several beetles found in our areas. They can cause damage to the root system of your lawn. Eliminating grubs can also have an effect on controlling moles since they are a food source.

Lawn Care and Pest Control


Having fire ants in your lawn can lead to dead grass and also exposes you to irritating bites on your skin or your pets. These pests can also make their way into your home. Our experts are trained to find and eradicate fire ants from your lawn, and West Termite offers preventative services for your lawn.