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Beetle Pest Control

Beetles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – there are even beetles that resemble cockroaches or spiders! But one thing they all have in common is that you don’t want them in your home. Learning how to identify and treat a beetle infestation can help keep it from getting out of control while you contact a pest control specialist.

Fact and Questions About Beetles

Jewel beetle

Identifying Beetles

Because there are so many kinds of beetles, it can be difficult to identify the exact species that is invading your home. All beetles have well-developed antennae and chewing mouthparts. You can also identify them by their wings if you can see them.

Beetles have shell-like front wings called elytra. Often these front wings are very hard and look more like a shell than like traditional wings. Beetles fold their front wings to cover their back wings and protect them from injury and dehydration – they are waterproof and very durable. Most beetles have a distinct line down their back when you look closely. This is where their two front wings meet. Despite having these wings, beetles are often bad fliers and would rather run or walk.


Blue beetle

Why Do I have Beetles?


Different types of beetles are attracted to different materials in your yard or home. Many species are lured in by your grains and packaged foods. Others eat garden plants, fabric, or wood. They usually get into your home when you bring them in on infested products. Their eggs can come in on the bottoms of shoes, on cardboard boxes, and on garden equipment brought in from outside.

Some beetles also seek shelter in the cold months, so they may be migrating indoors in search of warmth and protection. They can get in through cracks in your foundation, gaps around your doors, open windows, or broken screens. They often like to hide in firewood, furniture, potted plants, and packages.

A shiny beetle on leaf

How Serious is a Beetle Infestation?


Most beetles are completely harmless. The odd beetle that makes its way into the kitchen is hardly cause for alarm. But there are certain types of beetles that can cause problems for homes and businesses if they decide to settle in and set up shop. If you have:

  • Fabric-infesting beetles
  • Food product beetles
  • Wood-destroying beetles

You’ll want to call a pest control specialist immediately. If you have any of these pesky types of beetles you may notice damage to your:

  • Clothes
  • Crops
  • Decor
  • Furniture
  • Packaged goods

If you notice this type of damage in conjunction with beetle sightings, it’s time to call a pest control specialist like West Termite, Pest, and Lawn.

What to do if beetles enter your home or place of business?



Beetle Remedies

If you have a true infestation, we recommend that you contact an exterminator or pest control specialist to fully expunge the problem. But until the professionals arrive – or if you only have one or two beetles about – try these beetle remedies.

  • Vacuum regularly to get up any eggs or larvae
  • Inspect your food, fabric, and wood items before bringing them inside
  • Control the moisture in your home 
  • Keep off outdoor lights near your doors and windows as much as possible
  • Seal up all the cracks and spaces you can find
  • Remove their food source – old plants, garbage, infected fabric, etc.

The way we treat beetles is through a combination of preventative measures like the ones above and a chemical barrier that discourages them from entering your home in the first place. The treatments we use kill beetles on contact and prevent them from re-entering your home.



If you’re struggling with a beetle infestation, call in the pest control specialists – West Termite, Pest and Lawn! We’ll schedule a consultation and have a beetle control specialist at your home as soon as possible.