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West Termite, Pest & Lawn services Tulsa, offers pest control services in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned business, paired with certified technicians who have been with us for years, makes us experts with the best tips and tricks to keep your home and property pest-free.

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Your home should be a safe and comforting space – not a battlefield where you face off with pests, rodents, and mosquitos. Dealing with uninvited pests is inconvenient and worse – it can pose health and safety risks to your family. That’s why West Termite Tulsa offers pest and lawn care services for all households and budgets. 


We offer one-time treatments and monthly or quarterly treatments to keep pests at bay all year round. Our pest control and lawn care experts in Tulsa are highly trained and up to date on best practices, techniques, and technologies in their fields. We always background and drug test our technicians for our clients’ peace of mind. 

Pest Control in Tulsa

It’s perfectly possible to deal with small-scale pest problems by yourself. Peppermint oil (deters spiders), citronella candles (best for mosquitos), and roach motels are all useful for keeping the odd pest at bay. However, where there is one pest, there are usually dozens more you can’t yet see. If you kill spiders, rodents, or roaches more than once or twice a year, it’s time to call a professional Tulsa exterminator. 


West Termite Tulsa offers several pest control treatment plans to keep poisonous spiders, pesky rodents, and bed bugs where they belong – out of your house!

Roach Clean Outs

Despite the common consensus that roaches are a sign of a dirty home, they can be found in some of the cleanest homes in Tulsa. Roaches are drawn to moist places like the damp bathmat or under the kitchen sink. They can survive on the smallest morsels of food – mere crumbs lost under the fridge. And if you see one, odds are there are hundreds more waiting in the wings. 


Call West Termite Pest & Lawn Care and we’ll schedule a roach cleanout and then develop a long term roach control plan to keep you cockroach free year-round. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are microscopic parasites similar to fleas in that they live on blood and leave behind itchy red bites. Their size makes them difficult to see but if you wake up with a crawling sensation, itchy, or covered in small, red bites, contact West Termite Pest & Lawn Care immediately. 


We use the latest combination of liquid and heat bed bug treatments to make sure they are eradicated from your home in one go. Bed bugs can travel and once they hitch a ride to other parts of your home (like your couch, rug, or linen closet) they’re infuriatingly difficult to keep under control.

Rodent Control

Rodents carry diseases, contaminate food and chew through important electrical wiring. They host ticks, fleas, and parasites that can infest your home alongside the rodents. If you see a mouse or a rat in your home or notice droppings, contact West Termite immediately. We offer one time exterminations as well as long-term rodent control plans for your Tulsa property.

Spider Control

Most spiders are harmless. But harmless isn’t the same as welcome, and we know it can be unnerving to live alongside them – especially if you’re coming across them more than once a month. Spiders can live for months without food or water, and they are able to squeeze into tiny cracks which makes them difficult to locate and kill. 


If you have a spider problem or you’re concerned that you’ve seen a black widow or brown recluse, contact West Termite Tulsa. We’ll develop a spider control plan that works for your home and your budget.

Flea Control

Fleas are a miserable affliction. They affect you and your pets, and once you’re bitten, the itching is a constant reminder that your home has been invaded. And they’re also really difficult to get rid of. Fleas have to be killed in cycles because they lay eggs so quickly. You may kill all the adults, only to host the next generation once they hatch. 


Adding injury to insult, fleas also carry tapeworms and spread other diseases to humans and pets alike through their bites.  


In Tulsa, flea prevention is key. To keep your cost – and your itching! – down, call West Termite Pest & Lawn. 


Termite Control in Tulsa

Termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year in the United States. These silent wood-munchers are shy and like to stay hidden in the walls of your home or underground, which means they can destroy your home long before you know they’re there. West Termite offers termite treatments to cover both new construction and older homes. Set up an annual inspection fo the best coverage. Early detection of termites can mean the difference between a minor annoyance and total disaster. 


The termite damage protection plan offered by West Termite is among the best in the industry. Our technicians perform thorough annual (or quarterly, depending on your system) inspections to keep your home safe from termite damage. 

Lawn Care in Tulsa

Weeds, dead spots, and insect filled plants – oh my! Nothing kills off your enjoyment of nature like a blighted lawn. Let West Termite, Pest & Lawn help. Our years of experience have taught us that the best approach is a holistic one: 


Step one is a weed control and fertilization program to help your yard grow thick and lush. And, in return, a lush, thick lawn is one of the best defenses against pests! We love a self-sustaining system, don’t you?

Pre-Emergent Lawn Care

Pre-emergent lawn care in Tulsa is a simple philosophy – prevent problems before they start to save time and money. When you start with a foundation of monthly or quarterly treatments, the pest population stays low, which then keeps your lawn healthy and helps it thrive.

Weed Control and Fertilization

West Termite Tulsa offers custom weed control and fertilization programs for lawns of all shapes, sizes, and conditions. Our 7 step program is the most popular – offering consistent, season-long weed control and fertilization. The 8 step program is the 7 step program, plus soil conditioner. We also design custom plans with as few as 4 treatments per year. Contact us for a free assessment of your lawn’s conditions and specific needs.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are a real problem in Tulsa – especially if you’re located near water! Obnoxious buzzing, itchy bites… there’s little to love about these blood-sucking parasites. Even worse – they carry infectious and dangerous diseases like Zika, West Nile and Yellow Fever. Let West Termite’s excellent technicians examine your property, locate the breeding sites, and develop an appropriate mosquito control plan. 

Services We Offer

Our services include prevention because we know it’s best to stop pest problems before they start. We offer remediation and prevention for bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, rodents and other pests. Our lawn care services in the Little Rock area provide tried-and-true weed control, weed prevention, and lawn fertilization processes. We also do weed control in rock yards and landscaped areas.