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Our Programs

Turf Programs

Our turf care programs are designed to be both effective and flexible. We offer a basic 4-step program that will assist the Do-it-Yourselfer, to proven full season care with our 8-step programs.

Each program begins the season with pre-emergent weed control. These specialized products target specific weed species before they breakthrough the soil in early spring.

Following the pre-emergent, we will apply a well-balanced turf fertilizer to feed the grass as it is coming out of winter dormancy.

Every 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the program you choose), your West technician will inspect, apply and alert you if there are areas of concern.

 We strongly recommend at least 6 visits per season to see the most impact from our program. Each visit is designed to control weeds, encourage deep root growth, and thick dense turf leaf development. This consistent care will compliment your home; encouraging a healthy green and weed free lawn.  

Example 1

  • Step1 – Pre-emergent application
  • Step2– Liquid Fertilization + weed control application
  • Step3 –Granular fertilizer and grassy/broadleaf spot control
  • Step4 –Granular application and specialty weed control
  • Step5 Late Season micronutrient, last inspection for weeds
  • Step6 –Fall Pre-emergent application
  •  Step7 – Granular Lime or soil enhancements

Example 2

  • Step1 – Pre-emergent application
  • Step2– Liquid Fertilization + weed control application
  • Step3 – Midsummer maintenance fertilizer, spot application 
  • Step4 – Fall Pre-emergent application

As you can see, we can work with your needs and budget to give the best service for your investment with us.

West is available. We are ready to answer any questions concerning your weed control and fertilization.

West is responsive. Even the best products and programs are not perfect. Remember we work in a living, changing outdoor environment. Weather, temperature, irrigation – these are parts of that environment.

If you do not see results within a week or so (7-10 days) of application, simply let us know and we will do the right thing. Every time. 

Call us! West is ready to help!


Tree and Shrub Programs

The landscape around your home or business represents a significant investment in time, money and hours of effort. Our ornamental tree and shrub care program will help to keep your investment healthy, thriving and pest free.

Similar to out turf care approach, we design a plant health care program that will be effective and affordable. 

We begin with a walkaround inspection of the various planting sites and present you with practical care options as well as specialty services for specimen areas or plants that are of greater concern. 

We have options for azalea care, deep root injection, and foliar treatments. As landscapes are varied, flexibility is factored into your specific need. For example; 

  • Round 1 for tree and shrub may include dormant sprays in early spring for overwintering insects.
  • Round 2 would include some deep root injection of systemic insecticide – (A systemic is taken up through the roots and remains in the plant tissues to discourage feeding and chewing insects)
  • Round 3 – should disease such as leaf spot, scale, chlorosis (iron deficiency), become evident we catch it early and provide treatment. 

With our tree and shrub care we provide you with choice. Share your goals with us and let us help design the program- whether 2 steps up to 7 steps- that meets your needs!

Deep Root Injection

Foliar Application

Common Diseases

Bed Weed Control Program

I have been in the Lawn care industry for a long time; and without question the one thing everyone hates – is pulling weeds in flower beds!  Great news! West can help!

We use a granular product specifically designed to help keep weeds out your flower beds. Unfortunately, this product will not pull the weeds for you – but when applied to a clean flower bed, especially a mulched bed – it will drastically reduce any need for pulling weeds. 

How does this work?

Your turf care technician will use a hand spreader and apply this over the surface of the flower beds and around installed plant material like shrubs, ground covers, and other landscape features. It is completely safe for any existing ornamental plants or flowers. Just like the pre-emergent in your lawn, this provides a pre-emergent type barrier to weed growth. Consequently, if the surface is disturbed (for example if you were to cultivate a plain soil bed) – then this will cause a premature breakthrough of the barrier and weeds will get through. This product works best if sprinkled heavily over mulched beds. You will be amazed!

Our customers will typically have us put this down two to three times a growing season, additionally we have another tool to help! 

Bermuda grass is a great turf grass but can be an invasive headache in your flower beds. West technicians use a product that will target only bermuda grass – and is safe for other plants! By using this we will help keep your flower beds and ground cover areas clean.

Interested in West Bed Weed Control? Ask your technician or call our office! This additional service is effective, and affordable!

Mosquito Control Program

We use a backpack type mister blower to apply mosquito control product to perimeter, fence lines, under and around structures. We will treat foliage of low hanging limbs, shrub lines, ornamental grasses, and landscaped areas.

Our applications are designed to interrupt the mosquito life cycle – so it is very important to continue with program for the best results. Ornamental and Koi ponds are treated with an all-natural product called a “mosquito dunk”.

These are small cookie shaped eco-friendly floaters that dissolve in water, are completely harmless to aquatic life, fish, pets and humans. They use a naturally occurring soil bacterium that is a tasty but deadly treat for mosquito larvae.

We stay away from outdoor kitchen surfaces, pet bowls and patio furniture.

With these methods of application, proper inspection and timely re-application we will drastically reduce your mosquito problem.

At West we recommend at least 6-8 applications roughly 28-36 days apart to significantly reduce a problem mosquito population. Additional applications may be required as needed. Reduction is the key; in an outdoor environment complete eradication is impossible.

Things to Remember:


Light Range

Most mosquitoes will fly up to three miles to feed.


Strong Smells!

Lactose from human sweat glands, and carbon dioxide from human exhalation will attract mosquitoes!


Peak Activity

Usually peak mosquito activity is early evening.


Full Moons

An interesting fact a full moon can increase mosquito activity by as much as 500%!


Can be attracted to color

Dark or black clothing has been shown to attract mosquitoes.



No Program can “guarantee” a no mosquito environment.

More information regarding mosquitoes and the dangers they present.

Flea and Tick Control

Let us help keep your furry friends safe this year!

 We know you care about your pets. We do too! Reducing the flea and tick population in your lawn is an important part to giving your animals a comfortable and healthy environment.” Smaller picture of a tech kneeling next to and petting a customer’s dog with the owner standing nearby, both are smiling 

Fleas and ticks in our area are a concern for our clients when they interact with their outdoor environment.

Both fleas and ticks are parasites and are difficult to control without regular and aggressive action. At West we suggest a two-pronged approach utilizing the best of both liquid and granular products.

With our liquid application you will see good contact control of these pests and a reduction of activity. If you add an additional granular application around the perimeter of the structure or in some cases over the entire lawn area – and activate this with your liquid application we see in most cases a substantial reduction and increased residual action as the granules are activated with the morning dew, or a very light watering.

As with all insects, this is a good way to help reduce the population to a livable level and is usually very effective, but must be repeated every 6 to 8 weeks during the height of activity – from spring till fall as the weather provides windows of opportunity. West is committed to you to help relieve this outdoor headache!

West offers this service in a 4 step program and as an individual add on single service to give you maximum flexibility with timing and expense.