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We are passionate about your lawn and delivering quality service to you! We welcome your questions at any time. For your convenience, here are answers to some frequently asked questions –

Are these treatments safe for pets?

Yes. There are some common-sense precautions; such as keeping pets and people off treated grass until the application is dry (usually 2-3 hours), in the case of granular applications like fertilizer, we suggest watering in the product (for at least 20 minutes or 3/8”amount of irrigation or rainfall) after application.

How long does the treatment take to kill the weeds?

You will see slight yellowing and curling of weed plants within 7-10 days. If after this time you see no results, please call us immediately.

How long does it take to see a change in my grass after fertilization?

With proper watering, usually within a week. You will see a change in color and growth. This will intensify over the following 2-6 weeks, you will see deeper color, thicker grass, and more growth activity.

Have questions and need answers?

Let our knowledgeable team go to work for you! E-mail or call us with your questions and we will respond promptly!